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    Longhai Jiuhu Edible Fungus Reearch Institute is a ubique private scentifuc and technological enterprise that deals in the research, development and generalization of edible fungus in Zhangzhou. Since 1983 the institute has made great contributions in the development of new edible fungus for Zhangzhou.The social effciency is great. The company introduces more than 10 kinds of edible fungus such as 毛木耳、平菇、mushroom、茶树菇、秀珍菇 Among them 毛木耳 is the second popular edible fungus in Zhangzhou ,next to mushroom . The institute is the largest 毛木耳 Production base in China.
In April 1994 the research institute was apprasied as the excellent private scientific and technological enterprise by Fujian Science Committee. In Oct . 1995, the research institute was appraised as the outstanding scientific research institute in China.
In July, 1997,TuGailin was appraised as one of the top ten model scientific farmen's household in Fujian Province. Various technical materials edited by the research institute
Information of Edible Fungus pubished by our institute is the only edible fungus paper listed in A Comolete Dictionary of China Newspaper. Information of Edible Fungus has been published of 18 years. There have been more than 190 issues.The publication has readers in 29 provinces (autonmous regions)

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