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>> Plastic Bag

    The chairman Tu Gailin has been working at the production and application of fungus bag for more than 20 years .In 1978 he first applied polypropylene bag in the production of fungus seed. He made it possible to sterilize in the plastic bag

  The special bag for bag feeding machine produced in the plastic factory of our research institute is an international level product.The picture shows the worders in our production base are wording at the bag packing machine. Plastic rings and caps produced by automated plastic feeding machine.↑
Fungus bag film machine. Our research institute designs water resistant cap,sponge cap,and rings and caps in different sizes according to the requirement of the customers.
A QC worker is checking the quality of the fungus bag.↑ The fungus bags made by the plastic factory of our institute are packed for mailing to the customers in all part of China.

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